Superior lens coatings for healthy eyes and the best experience

We use a full range of brand name prescription eyeglass lenses from manufacturers such as Essilor, Nikon, Hoya and Zeiss and the best materials and most durable coatings available (Crizal D Alize with AST & Ice & SeeCoat and Super High Vision).

This means that your glasses are scratch resistant, anti-reflective, oil & water repellent, smudge resistant, offer UV protection and filter out harmful blue-violet light. With eyeglasses from Blynx Optical, you maintain better eye health, receive quality personal service and enjoy stronger, clearer, more durable eyewear.

Anti-Reflective coatings are applied to lenses to reduce undesired reflection and improve aesthetic appearance of eyewear. The AR coating makes your lenses almost invisible so that people can see your eyes instead of reflections from your glasses.

Lens coating technology available to customers of Blynx Optical:

Videos with more information: